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Get connected to superfast broadband and enjoy always on and reliable Broadband. We're not like other providers, the speed we promise is the speed you'll receive.


Frequently Asked Questions

A bunch of questions we get asked regularly

Q - What areas do you cover?

A - We are currently rolling out our service as fast as we can, its best to complete the contact form to see if you have service, this also helps us to plan the future network, informing us about areas of need.


Q - How long does it take to get installed?


A - Providing you have coverage, we aim to have you up and running within a week, the actual installation should take no more than 2 hours.


Q - Whats involved in the installation?


A - We install a Wireless Dish on the exterior of your building, run a cable to the inside and connect a Router, we provide a router that we know works and that we can provide proper support on.

Q - What payment methods do you use?


A - We only take payment via Direct Debit, its fast, secure and guarantees continued service.


Q - Is there a contract?


A - No, we believe in providing a fair and honest service and a service that works, so if for some reason we cant live up to our promises or you no longer need it we simply remove the equipment from site and cease the account.

Q - Is it truly Unlimited?


A - Yes it is truly Unlimited Usage per month, meaning you can use it as much as you like for whatever you like.


Q - What happens afterwards?


A - We're always on hand should you have problems, we also constantly monitor the network for potential problems, if something goes wrong we'll probably know about it before you do. Internal factors at your home or work can have a big impact on the quality of your connection, please have a read at our WiFi guide here.

From time to time the Broadband speeds we will be delivering to you will be affected by peak usage periods. 

Peak periods can be anything from everyone sitting down to catch up on their favourite shows at the same or everyone streaming the worlds biggest events like the world cup.

We will do our best to deliver the best service to all our customers. 

Q. Why do peak periods affect my internet?

A - Peak periods cause the broadband connection to be shared between everyone using this in your home. So when you have more than one person using a 10mbps connection the speed is split between each user for example 4 people using a 10mbps connection each user will have 2.5mbps. High usage periods put a load on our entire network and we build our network always with the peak usage in mind, building in extra capacity and leaving slack in the system. 

Here at Beacon Broadband we comply with the Ofcom Codes of practice. This ensures we are always providing the best service to our customers.

Full details of the Ofcom code of practice can be found by 

clicking the Image:

We also comply with the ComReg Codes of practice in delivering the best service for our customers and full details of the codes of conduct can

be found by clicking this link:

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